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Intellectual Property Protection for every business


Set the Foundation for Your Success

Intellectual Property is what separates your business’ services or products from your competitors. By devoting yourself to the protection of your Intellectual Property, you protect your market share, increase the valuation of your business, and attract investors.


Predict and Define Risk

Whether you are an individual or larger business, we can help you predict and define areas where you might be at risk. BCR Firm’s services include due-diligence analysis in all areas of Intellectual Property law, as well as advice on business strategy and contracts.


Defend Your Assets

If you believe your Intellectual Property rights have been violated, we help you protect your rights. BCR Firm’s services include application prosecution, enforcement and portfolio management. Protecting your Intellectual Property is a Constitutional right meant to benefit those who seek to do business in the United States.


Benjamin C. Rothermel, Esq.

Serving Winchester, Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley

Mr. Rothermel offers a sophisticated Intellectual Property legal practice to entrepreneurs and innovators in the Winchester area. In Mr. Rothermel, you will find an ally in advancing your ideas and businesses into the marketplace through protecting your Intellectual Property.