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Legal Services


All businesses deserve to protect their Intellectual Property (IP), so our services are crafted to meet our customer’s specific needs. Whether you are a brand-new startup, an established business looking to protect a new product, or need to actively pursue a violation of your IP rights, we are here to help you protect your assets.


Initial / Start-Up Phase

In this phase, BCR Firm will assist you in defining the value of your Intellectual Property. Through our services, you’ll be able to identify the key players in developing your IP and precisely what you want to protect. You’ll also hone the role your IP will play in your business. Our services in this phase include:

  • Patent, Trademark, and Copyright applications

  • Preliminary Due Diligence

  • Contracts & Commercial Agreements

  • Legal Business Strategy


Transactional Phase

BCR Firm will help you define the value your Intellectual Property provides your business. From there, BCR Firm’s services will focus on your future and emerging business objectives. We’ll evaluate the roles of new and established employees, use of new and existing products, and revenue streams. Our services in this phase include:

  • IP Portfolio Management

  • Pursuing New IP Protection

  • Assessing Revenue Streams


Adversarial Phase

In the adversarial phase, BCR Firm’s overarching goal is protecting and defending the value of your company. We will identify the risks to your assets and revenue streams. And, we will take the necessary offensive or defensive actions. Our services in this phase include:

  • Cease & Desist Letters

  • License Agreements

  • Infringement Defense

  • Preventative Measures

Are you ready to protect your business?